Whereas we publish books with a fanfare, launching four to eight titles at a time, it’s easy to miss announcements of new book projects, which come at irregular intervals throughout the working year. To make it easier to keep track, this page automatically lists the 20 titles most recently added to our catalogue, starting with the newest. (They also, of course, appear on the forthcoming books page, mixed in with other projects in the works.)

Added 10 Apr 15: Encounters with Albion: Britain and the British in Texts by Jewish Refugees from Nazism
Anthony Grenville
Studies In Comparative Literature 38   Spring 2017

Added 10 Apr 15: The Modern Culture of Reginald Farrer: Landscape, Literature and Buddhism
Michael Charlesworth
Studies In Comparative Literature 36   Spring 2017

Added 10 Apr 15: Pascal Quignard: Towards the Vanishing Point
Léa Vuong
Research Monographs in French Studies 48   Autumn 2016

Added 10 Apr 15: Southern Regional French: A Linguistic Analysis of Language and Dialect Contact
Damien Mooney
Research Monographs in French Studies 47   Summer 2016

Added 10 Apr 15: Broken Glass, Broken World: Glass in French Culture in the Aftermath of 1870
Hannah Scott
Research Monographs in French Studies 46   Summer 2016

Added 10 Apr 15: Metamorphosis in Modern German Literature: Transforming Bodies, Identities and Affects
Tara Beaney
Germanic Literatures 9   Spring 2016

Added 10 Apr 15: Catalan Narrative 1875-2015
Edited by Jordi Larios and Montserrat Lunati
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 16   Spring 2017

Added 10 Apr 15: The Last Days of Humanism: A Reappraisal of Quevedo’s Thought
Alfonso Rey
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 15   September 2015

Added 10 Apr 15: Laughter from Realism to Modernism: Misfits and Humorists in Pirandello, Svevo, Palazzeschi, and Gadda
Alberto Godioli
Italian Perspectives 34   October 2015

Added 10 Apr 15: The Poetry of Ernest Jones: Myth, Song, and the ‘Mighty Mind’
Simon Rennie   November 2015

Added 10 Apr 15: Lucidity: Essays in Honour of Alison Finch
Edited by Ian James and Emma Wilson   February 2016

Added 10 Apr 15: Poetry and the Leningrad Religious-Philosophical Seminar 1974-1980: Music for a Deaf Age
Josephine von Zitzewitz   October 2015

Added 10 Apr 15: Pasolini after Dante: The ‘Divine Mimesis’ and the Politics of Representation
Emanuela Patti
Italian Perspectives 35   December 2015

Added 31 Mar 15: Aloysius Bertrand’s Gaspard de la Nuit: Beyond the Prose Poem
Valentina Gosetti   November 2015

Added 21 Nov 14: Comparative Encounters between Artaud, Michaux and the Zhuangzi: Rationality, Cosmology and Ethics
Xiaofan Amy Li
Transcript 4   June 2015

Added 3 Nov 14: Haunted Serbia: Representations of History and War in the Literary Imagination
David Norris   December 2015

Added 3 Nov 14: The Somali Within: Language, Race and Belonging in ‘Minor’ Italian Literature
Simone Brioni
Italian Perspectives 33   September 2015

Added 26 Sep 14: Rethinking Juan Rulfo’s Creative World: Prose, Photography, Film
Edited by Dylan Brennan and Nuala Finnegan
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 14   December 2015

Added 26 Sep 14: Rome Eternal: The City As Fatherland
Guy Lanoue
Italian Perspectives 32   May 2015

Added 13 Sep 14: Zola and the Art of Television: Adaptation, Recreation, Translation
Kate Griffiths
Transcript 3   Summer 2016