Whereas we publish books with a fanfare, launching four to eight titles at a time, it’s easy to miss announcements of new book projects, which come at irregular intervals throughout the working year. To make it easier to keep track, this page automatically lists the 20 titles most recently added to our catalogue, starting with the newest. (They also, of course, appear on the forthcoming books page, mixed in with other projects in the works.)

Added 21 Nov 14: Comparative Encounters between Artaud, Michaux and the Zhuangzi: Rationality, Cosmology and Ethics
Xiaofan Amy Li
Transcript 4   June 2015

Added 3 Nov 14: Haunted Serbia: Representations of History and War in the Literary Imagination
David Norris   December 2015

Added 3 Nov 14: The Somali Within: Language, Race and Belonging in ‘Minor’ Italian Literature
Simone Brioni
Italian Perspectives 33   September 2015

Added 26 Sep 14: Rethinking Juan Rulfo’s Creative World: Prose, Photography, Film
Edited by Dylan Brennan and Nuala Finnegan
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 14   December 2015

Added 26 Sep 14: Rome Eternal: The City As Fatherland
Guy Lanoue
Italian Perspectives 32   May 2015

Added 13 Sep 14: Zola and the Art of Television: Adaptation, Recreation, Translation
Kate Griffiths
Transcript 3   Summer 2016

Added 20 Aug 14: Minding Borders: Resilient Divisions in Literature, the Body and the Academy
Edited by Nicola Gardini, Adriana Jacobs, Ben Morgan, Mohamed-Salah Omri and Matthew Reynolds
Transcript 5   Summer 2016

Added 1 Aug 14: Fontane and Cultural Mediation: Translation and Reception in Nineteenth-Century German Literature
Edited by Ritchie Robertson and Michael White
Germanic Literatures 8   August 2015

Added 21 Jul 14: The Italian Academies 1525-1700: Networks of Culture, Innovation and Dissent
Edited by Jane E. Everson, Denis V. Reidy and Lisa Sampson
Italian Perspectives 31   November 2015

Added 18 Jul 14: Baudelaire and Photography: Finding the Painter of Modern Life
Timothy Raser
Research Monographs in French Studies 45   February 2016

Added 18 Jul 14: Santería, Vodou and Resistance in Caribbean Literature: Daughters of the Spirits
Paul Humphrey
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 12   Summer 2016

Added 26 Jun 14: Oscar Wilde and the Simulacrum: The Truth of Masks
Giles Whiteley
Studies In Comparative Literature 35   June 2015

Added 26 Jun 14: Algernon Swinburne and Walter Pater: Victorian Aestheticism, Doubt and Secularisation
Sara Lyons   June 2015

Added 26 Jun 14: Leopardi and Shelley: Discovery, Translation and Reception
Daniela Cerimonia
Studies In Comparative Literature 34   August 2015

Added 20 Jun 14: Adapting the Canon: Translation, Visualisation, Interpretation
Edited by Ann Lewis and Silke Arnold-de Simine
Transcript 1   Autumn 2016

Added 18 Jun 14: Louisa Waterford and John Ruskin: ‘For you have not Falsely Praised’
Caroline Ings-Chambers  

Added 18 Jun 14: Reprojecting the City: Urban Space and Dissident Sexualities in Recent Latin American Cinema
Benedict Hoff
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 13   Spring 2016

Added 18 Jun 14: Intellectual Life and Literature at Solovki 1923-1930: The Paris of the Northern Concentration Camps
Andrea Gullotta   Summer 2016

Added 18 Jun 14: Lisbon Revisited: Urban Masculinities in Twentieth-Century Portuguese Fiction
Rhian Atkin
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 10  

Added 18 Jun 14: Urban Space, Identity and Postmodernity in 1980s Spain: Rethinking the Movida
Maite Usoz de la Fuente
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 11   August 2015