Exile; Gender and sexuality; Survey works

Exile and Nomadism in French and Hispanic Women’s Writing
Kate Averis
Studies In Comparative Literature 31  

Postcolonial studies

Postcolonial Criticism and Representations of African Dictatorship: The Aesthetics of Tyranny
Cécile Bishop
Research Monographs in French Studies 41  

Postcolonial studies; National and cultural identity

Postcolonial Fiction and Sacred Scripture: Rewriting the Divine?
Sura Qadiri  

Théodore de Banville (1823-1891), French poet

Théodore de Banville: Constructing Poetic Value in Nineteenth-Century France
David Evans  

Miguel de Unamuno (1864-1936), Spanish novelist

Unamuno’s Theory of the Novel
C. A. Longhurst
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 1  

Nathalie Sarraute (1900-99), French novelist; Marguerite Duras (1914-96), French novelist; Hélène Cixous (1937-), French novelist; Noëlle Renaude (1949-), French playwright

Echo’s Voice: The Theatres of Sarraute, Duras, Cixous and Renaude
Mary Noonan
Research Monographs in French Studies 36