Legenda is an imprint for scholarly books in the modern Humanities. Our first website, dating from 1996, was hosted by the University of Oxford, where we edited our earliest books, in Wellington Square and then in a house in the grounds of St Hugh’s College. The second website, a major overhaul, came in the autumn of 2004, when the current Legenda partnership was formed: we moved to a dynamically-driven catalogue hosted by the Modern Humanities Research Association’s server. So Legenda books spent five years online as part of www.ehrc.ox.ac.uk and then another seven years within www.mhra.org.uk, but now they have a domain name of their own: www.legendabooks.com. Legenda’s catalogue is already pushing 300 books, and we expect only to grow from here. So this website, the grandchild of the first, has been designed to present greater volumes of material, and this news item kicks the whole thing off.

We would like to thank the web designer Sarah McMenomy for her advice and assistance in bringing us typographical harmony. Gerard Lowe, Publications Manager (and webmaster) for the MHRA, was a helpful guide in dealing with Dreamhost, our excellent hosting company.

We hope that our readers, authors, editors, and colleagues will enjoy exploring this new site, which is larger, richer, and more interconnected than before. If there are rough edges for a while as the new site comes together, please bear with us. Any glitches can be reported to graham.nelson@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk.