Around half of Legenda’s books are published in its broad main range, but the other half belong to distinctive series within the imprint. These are often edited in collaboration with other learned societies, and each has its own editorial committee. Our active series are at present:

  • Legenda’s main series, with its distinctive blue cover, covers a wide range of literary and cultural topics across the European Humanities.
  • Germanic Literatures includes monographs and essay collections on literature originally written not only in German, but also in Dutch and the Scandinavian languages. Within the German-speaking area, it seeks also to publish studies of other national literatures such as those of Austria and Switzerland. The chronological scope of the series extends from the early Middle Ages down to the present day.
  • Italian Perspectives publishes books and collections of essays on any aspect and period of Italian literature, language, history, culture, politics, art, and media, as well as studies which take an interdisciplinary approach and are methodologically innovative. At a time of growing academic interest, the series aims to bring together different scholarly perspectives on Italy and its culture. The series was founded by Maney Publishing under the imprint of the Northern Universities Press, and moved to the Legenda imprint in 2005.
  • Moving Image publishes cutting-edge work on any aspect of film or screen media from Europe and Latin America. Studies of European-language cinemas from other continents, and diasporic and intercultural cinemas (with some relation to Europe or its languages), are also encompassed. The series seeks to reflect a diversity of theoretical, historical, and interdisciplinary approaches to the moving image, and includes projects comparing screen media with other art forms.
  • Research Monographs in French Studies, selected, edited and supported by the Society for French Studies. New work in all areas of the literature, thought, theory, culture, film and language of the French-speaking world. A distinctive book series for the relative brevity of its publications (50,000-60,000 words).
  • Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures are selected and edited by the Association of Hispanists of Great Britain & Ireland. The series seeks to publish the best new research in all areas of the literature, thought, history, culture, film, and languages of Spain, Spanish America, and the Portuguese-speaking world.
  • Studies in Comparative Literature are produced in close collaboration with the British Comparative Literature Association, and range widely across comparative and theoretical topics in literary and translation studies, accommodating research at the interface between different artistic media and between the humanities and the sciences.
  • Studies in Yiddish is the only scholarly series in English that is dedicated to Yiddish, a transnational language whose interesting, if sometimes tragic, history spans more than a thousand years. Its high and low literary and non-literary texts and practices have been of central importance not only to Jewish existence and history but also to the wider cultural and creative life in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and the New World. The series regularly publishes the proceedings of the International Mendel Friedman Conference, which is convened every two years at the University of Oxford. In addition, the series includes monographs and edited volumes on all aspects of Yiddish language and culture, and proposals for new publications are welcomed.
  • Transcript publishes books about all kinds of imagining across languages, media and cultures: translations and versions, inter-cultural and multi-lingual writing, illustrations and musical settings, adaptation for theatre, film, TV and new media, creative and critical responses. We are open to studies of any combination of languages and media, in any historical moments, and are keen to reach beyond Legenda‚Äôs traditional focus on modern European languages to embrace anglophone and world cultures and the classics. We are interested in innovative critical approaches: we welcome not only the most rigorous scholarship and sharpest theory, but also modes of writing that stretch or cross the boundaries of those discourses.

We have also, in the past, published:

  • Studies in Linguistics presented monographs and collaborative volumes on European languages and their historical development. In 2010 the series was merged into our main series, which continues to publish linguistics titles (such as Language and Social Structure in Urban France, forthcoming in 2012), and to welcome proposals in the field.
  • Special Lecture Series offered a selection of outstanding lectures by distinguished lecturers from across the disciplines on a variety of Humanities subjects. The series was discontinued in 2004, but these are important texts and we aim to keep them in print for as long as practicable.