Research Monographs in French Studies are selected, edited and supported by the Society for French Studies. The series seeks to publish the best new work in all areas of the literature, thought, theory, culture, film and language of the French-speaking world. Its distinctiveness lies in the tight focus and relative brevity of its publications (50,000-60,000 words). As innovation is a priority of the series, volumes should predominantly consist of new material, although, subject to appropriate modification, previously published research may form up to one third of the whole. Proposals may include critical editions as well as critical studies. They should be sent with one or two sample chapters for consideration to the General Editor, Professor Diana Knight, at (

Editorial Committee:

  • Diana Knight, University of Nottingham (General Editor)
  • Janice Carruthers, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Jane Gilbert, University College London
  • Shirley Jordan, Queen Mary, University of London
  • Neil Kenny, All Souls College, Oxford
  • Max Silverman, University of Leeds

Advisory Board:

  • Wendy Ayres-Bennett, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge
  • Celia Britton, University College London
  • Ann Jefferson, New College, Oxford
  • Sarah Kay, New York University
  • Michael Moriarty, University of Cambridge
  • Keith Reader, University of Glasgow

52 Balzac’s Love Letters: Correspondence and the Literary Imagination
Ewa Szypula  
51 Jean-François Vilar: Theatres Of Crime
Margaret Atack  
50 Genet’s Genres of Politics
Mairéad Hanrahan  
49 France, Algeria and the Moving Image: Screening Histories of Violence 1963–2010
Maria Flood  
48 Pascal Quignard: Towards the Vanishing Point
Léa Vuong  
47 Southern Regional French: A Linguistic Analysis of Language and Dialect Contact
Damien Mooney  
46 Broken Glass, Broken World: Glass in French Culture in the Aftermath of 1870
Hannah Scott  
45 Baudelaire and Photography: Finding the Painter of Modern Life
Timothy Raser  
44 Accent, Rhythm and Meaning in French Verse
Roger Pensom  
43 The French Art Novel 1900-1930
Katherine Shingler  
42 Regarding Manneken Pis: Culture, Celebration and Conflict in Brussels
Catherine Emerson
41 Postcolonial Criticism and Representations of African Dictatorship: The Aesthetics of Tyranny
Cécile Bishop
40 Variation and Change in French Morphosyntax: The Case of Collective Nouns
Anna Tristram
39 Dada as Text, Thought and Theory
Stephen Forcer
38 Marie NDiaye: Inhospitable Fictions
Shirley Jordan  
37 Stendhal’s Less-Loved Heroines: Fiction, Freedom, and the Female
Maria C. Scott
36 Echo’s Voice: The Theatres of Sarraute, Duras, Cixous and Renaude
Mary Noonan
35 The Subversive Poetics of Alfred Jarry: Ubusing Culture in the Almanachs du Père Ubu
Marieke Dubbelboer
34 Furetière’s Roman bourgeois and the Problem of Exchange: Titular Economies
Craig Moyes
33 The Livres-Souvenirs of Colette: Genre and the Telling of Time
Anne Freadman
32 Maryse Condé and the Space of Literature
Eva Sansavior
31 Dreams of Lovers and Lies of Poets: Poetry, Knowledge, and Desire in the Roman de la Rose
Sylvia Huot
30 Syntactic Borrowing in Contemporary French: A Linguistic Analysis of News Translation
Mairi McLaughlin
29 Voices and Veils: Feminism and Islam in French Women’s Writing and Activism
Anna Kemp
28 The Choreography of Modernism in France: La Danseuse, 1830-1930
Julie Townsend
27 Personal Effects: Reading the Journal of Marie Bashkirtseff
Sonia Wilson
26 The Syllables of Time: Proust and the History of Reading
Teresa Whitington
25 Exotic Subversions in Nineteenth-Century French Fiction
Jennifer Yee
24 Balzac and the Model of Painting: Artist Stories in La Comédie humaine
Diana Knight
23 Biography in Early Modern France 1540-1630: Forms and Functions
Katherine MacDonald
22 France/China: Intercultural Imaginings
Alex Hughes
21 Poisoned Words: Slander and Satire in Early Modern France
Emily Butterworth
20 Selfless Cinema?: Ethics and French Documentary
Sarah Cooper
19 Oral Narration in Modern French: A Linguistic Analysis of Temporal Patterns
Janice Carruthers
18 Two Old French Satires on the Power of the Keys: L’Escommeniement au lecheor and Le Pardon de foutre
Edited by Daron Burrows
17 Alter Ego: Critical Writings of Michel Leiris
Seán Hand
16 For the People, by the People? Eugène Sue’s ‘Les Mystères de Paris’: A Hypothesis in the Sociology of Literature
Christopher Prendergast
15 Robert Antelme: Humanity, Community, Testimony
Martin Crowley
14 Silent Witness: Racine’s Non-Verbal Annotations of Euripides
Susanna Phillippo
13 Proust: La Traduction du sensible
Nathalie Aubert
12 Race and the Unconscious: Freudianism in French Caribbean Thought
Celia Britton
11 La Cort d’Amor: A Critical Edition
Edited by Matthew Bardell
10 Saint-Evremond: A Voice from Exile — Newly Discovered Letters to Madame de Gouville and the Abbé de Hautefeuille (1697-1701)
Denys Potts
9 All Puns Intended: The Verbal Creation of Jean-Pierre Brisset
Walter Redfern
8 Between Sequence and Sirventes: Aspects of Parody in the Troubadour Lyric
Catherine Léglu
7 Memory and Survival: The French Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski
Emma Wilson
6 Expressivism: The Vicissitudes of a Theory in the Writings of Proust and Barthes
Johnnie Gratton
5 George Sand and Autobiography
Janet Hiddleston
4 Towards a Cultural Philology: Phèdre and the Construction of ‘Racine’
Amy Wygant
3 Critical Fictions: Nerval’s Les Illuminés
Meryl Tyers
2 Stéphane Mallarmé. Correspondance: compléments et suppléments
Edited by Lloyd James Austin, Bertrand Marchal and Nicola Luckhurst
1 Privileged Anonymity: The Writings of Madame de Lafayette
Anne Green