This is the complete listing of all 381 Legenda titles, published or forthcoming, in any of its series.

Adrian Stokes: An Architectonic Eye
Stephen Kite
ISBN: 978-1-905981-89-2

After Bataille: Sacrifice, Exposure, Community
Patrick ffrench
ISBN: 978-1-904350-85-9

After Reception Theory: Fedor Dostoevskii in Britain, 1869-1935
Lucia Aiello
ISBN: 978-1-907975-44-8

Alfonso: Papers on the Text, Music and Manuscripts of the ‘Cantigas de Santa Maria’
Edited by Stephen Parkinson
ISBN: 1-900755-12-2

Algernon Swinburne and Walter Pater: Victorian Aestheticism, Doubt and Secularisation
Sara Lyons
ISBN: 978-1-909662-48-3

Aloysius Bertrand’s Gaspard de la Nuit: Beyond the Prose Poem
Valentina Gosetti  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-83-4

Anglo-German Interactions in the Literature of the 1890s
Patrick Bridgwater
ISBN: 1-900755-24-6

Aristophanes in Performance 421 BC-AD 2007: Peace, Birds, and Frogs
Edited by Edith Hall and Amanda Wrigley
ISBN: 978-1-904350-61-3

Artful Seduction: Homosexuality and the Problematics of Exile
Karl Posso
ISBN: 1-900755-86-6

The Artificial Self: The Psychology of Hippolyte Taine
Hilary Nias
ISBN: 1-900755-18-1

Assuming the Light: The Parisian Literary Apprenticeship of Miguel Angel Asturias
Stephen Henighan
ISBN: 1-900755-19-X

Authorial Echoes: Textuality and Self-Plagiarism in the Narrative of Luigi Pirandello
Catherine O’Rawe
ISBN: 1-904713-03-3

Authority, Innovation and Early Modern Epistemology: Essays in Honour of Hilary Gatti
Edited by Martin McLaughlin, Ingrid D. Rowland and Elisabetta Tarantino  
ISBN: 978-1-907975-75-2

The Backward Look: Memory and the Writing Self in France 1580-1920
Angelica Goodden
ISBN: 1-900755-31-9

Bakhtin between East and West: Cross-Cultural Transmission
Karine Zbinden
ISBN: 1-904350-54-2

Baudelaire: Individualism, Dandyism and the Philosophy of History
Bernard Howells
ISBN: 1-900755-01-7

Berceo’s ‘Vida de Santa Oria’: Text, Translation and Commentary
Anthony Lappin
ISBN: 1-900755-17-3

Bernardin de Saint-Pierre: A Life of Culture
Malcolm Cook
ISBN: 1-900755-81-5

Biographies and Autobiographies in Modern Italy — A Festschrift for John Woodhouse
Edited by Martin McLaughlin and Peter Hainsworth
ISBN: 978-1-905981-07-6

Britain and Italy from Romanticism to Modernism: A Festschrift for Peter Brand
Edited by Martin McLaughlin
ISBN: 1-900755-30-0

The Burgtheater and Austrian Identity: Theatre and Cultural Politics in Vienna, 1918-38
Robert Pyrah
ISBN: 978-1-904350-67-5

The Cervantean Heritage: Reception and Influence of Cervantes in Britain
Edited by J. A. G. Ardila
ISBN: 978-1-906540-03-6

Channel Crossings: French and English Poetry in Dialogue 1550-2000
Clive Scott
ISBN: 1-900755-54-8

Chicago of the Balkans: Budapest in Hungarian Literature 1900-1939
Gwen Jones
ISBN: 978-1-907975-57-8

Childhood as Memory, Myth and Metaphor: Proust, Beckett, and Bourgeois
Catherine Crimp
ISBN: 978-1-907975-39-4

Classical Rhetoric and the German Poet: 1620 to the Present — A Study of Opitz, Bürger and Eichendorff
Anna Carrdus
ISBN: 1-900755-02-5

Closer to the Wild Heart: Essays on Clarice Lispector
Edited by Cláudia Pazos Alonso and Claire Williams
ISBN: 1-900755-62-9

Cognitive Confusions: Dreams, Delusions and Illusions in Early Modern Culture
Edited by Ita Mac Carthy, Kirsti Sellevold and Olivia Smith  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-99-5

Conceptions of the Absurd: From Surrealism to Chestov’s and Fondane’s Existential Thought
Ramona Fotiade
ISBN: 1-900755-47-5

Condé in Context: Ideological Change in Seventeenth-Century France
Mark Bannister
ISBN: 1-900755-42-4

Consuming Autobiographies: Reading and Writing the Self in Post-War France
Claire Boyle
ISBN: 978-1-905981-10-6

Contemporary Greek Fiction in a United Europe: From Local History to the Global Individual
Edited by Peter Mackridge and Eleni Yannakakis
ISBN: 1-900755-85-8

Contemporary Italian Women Writers and Traces of the Fantastic: The Creation of Literary Space
Danielle E. Hipkins
ISBN: 978-1-905981-09-0

Cosmos and Image in the Renaissance: French Love Lyric and Natural-Philosophical Poetry
Kathryn Banks
ISBN: 978-1-905981-92-2

Crossing Fields in Modern Spanish Culture
Edited by Federico Bonaddio and Xon de Ros
ISBN: 1-900755-87-4

A Cultural Citizen of the World: Sigmund Freud’s Knowledge and Use of British and American Writings
S. S. Prawer
ISBN: 978-1-906540-42-5

Culture, Censorship and the State in Twentieth-Century Italy
Edited by Guido Bonsaver and Robert Gordon
ISBN: 1-900755-95-5

Dante in Oxford: The Paget Toynbee Lectures
Edited by Tristan Kay, Martin McLaughlin and Michelangelo Zaccarello
ISBN: 978-1-900755-99-3

Dante the Lyric and Ethical Poet: Dante lirico e etico
Edited by Zygmunt G. Barański and Martin McLaughlin
ISBN: 978-1-906540-04-3

Dante’s Plurilingualism: Authority, Knowledge, Subjectivity
Edited by Sara Fortuna, Manuele Gragnolati and Jürgen Trabant
ISBN: 978-1-906540-78-4

Decolonizing Modernism: James Joyce and the Development of Spanish American Fiction
José Luis Venegas
ISBN: 978-1-906540-46-3

Defective Inspectors: Crime Fiction Pastiche in Late-Twentieth-Century French Literature
Simon Kemp
ISBN: 1-904350-51-8

Desire in Dante and the Middle Ages
Edited by Manuele Gragnolati, Tristan Kay, Elena Lombardi and Francesca Southerden
ISBN: 978-1-907747-96-0

Desiring the Dead: Necrophilia and Nineteenth-Century French Literature
Lisa Downing
ISBN: 1-900755-65-3

Diderot and the Body
Angelica Goodden
ISBN: 1-900755-56-4

Dissonance in the Republic of Letters: The Querelle des Gluckistes et des Piccinnistes
Mark Darlow
ISBN: 978-1-907975-54-7

Dostoevsky and the Epileptic Mode of Being
Paul Fung
ISBN: 978-1-909662-08-7

Dream Cities: Utopia and Prose by Poets in Nineteenth-Century France
Greg Kerr
ISBN: 978-1-907975-53-0

Edmond Jabès: The Hazard of Exile
Steven Jaron
ISBN: 1-900755-71-8

Emile Zola and the Artistry of Adaptation
Kate Griffiths
ISBN: 978-1-906540-27-2

England and the Avignon Popes: The Practice of Diplomacy in Late Medieval Europe
Karsten Plöger
ISBN: 1-904713-04-1

English Responses to French Poetry 1880-1940: Translation and Mediation
Jennifer Higgins
ISBN: 978-1-907625-06-0

Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism
Edited by David Adams and Galin Tihanov
ISBN: 978-1-907747-94-6

The Epic Rhetoric of Tasso: Theory and Practice
Maggie Günsberg
ISBN: 1-900755-05-X

Eugenio Montale: The Poetry of the Later Years
Éanna Ó Ceallacháin
ISBN: 1-900755-45-9

Examining Whiteness: Reading Clarice Lispector through Bessie Head and Toni Morrison
Lucia Villares
ISBN: 978-1-906540-47-0

Experiment and Metaphysics: Towards a Resolution of the Cosmological Antinomies
Edgar Wind
ISBN: 1-900755-29-7

The Extreme In-Between: Jean Paulhan’s Place in the Twentieth Century
Anna-Louise Milne
ISBN: 1-904350-52-6

The Feminine in the Prose of Andrey Platonov
Philip Bullock
ISBN: 1-900755-75-0

Force from Nietzsche to Derrida
Clare Connors
ISBN: 978-1-906540-72-2

Form and Feeling in Modern Literature: Essays in Honour of Barbara Hardy
Edited by William Baker with Isobel Armstrong
ISBN: 978-1-907975-37-0

French Divorce Fiction from the Revolution to the First World War
Nicholas White
ISBN: 978-1-907975-47-9

From Art Nouveau to Surrealism: Belgian Modernity in the Making
Edited by Nathalie Aubert, Pierre-Philippe Fraiture and Patrick McGuinness
ISBN: 978-1-904350-64-4

Gender, Nation and the Formation of the Twentieth-Century Mexican Literary Canon
Sarah E. L. Bowskill
ISBN: 978-1-907975-05-9

Gentry Life in Georgian Ireland: The Letters of Edmund Spencer (1711-1790)
Edited by Duncan Fraser and Andrew Hadfield  
ISBN: 978-1-910887-14-1

German Women’s Writing of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Future Directions in Feminist Criticism
Edited by Helen Fronius and Anna Richards
ISBN: 978-1-906540-86-9

Goethe and Patriarchy: Faust and the Fates of Desire
James Simpson
ISBN: 1-900755-04-1

Gypsies and Orientalism in German Literature and Anthropology of the Long Nineteenth Century
Nicholas Saul
ISBN: 978-1-900755-88-7

Haunted Serbia: Representations of History and War in the Literary Imagination
David A. Norris  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-65-0

Heine und die Weltliteratur
Edited by T. J. Reed and Alexander Stillmark
ISBN: 1-900755-16-5

The History of Language Learning and Teaching I: 16th-18th Century Europe
Edited by Nicola McLelland and Richard Smith  
ISBN: 978-1-910887-09-7

The History of Language Learning and Teaching II: 19th-20th Century Europe
Edited by Nicola McLelland and Richard Smith  
ISBN: 978-1-910887-10-3

The History of Language Learning and Teaching III: Across Cultures
Edited by Nicola McLelland and Richard Smith  
ISBN: 978-1-910887-11-0

Identity and Transformation in the Plays of Alexis Piron
Derek Connon
ISBN: 978-1-904350-69-9

Image and Word: Reflections of Art and Literature
Edited by Antonella Braida and Giuliana Pieri
ISBN: 1-900755-69-6

Image, Eye and Art in Calvino: Writing Visibility
Edited by Birgitte Grundtvig, Martin McLaughlin and Lene Waage Petersen
ISBN: 978-1-904350-59-0

In the Light of Contradiction: Desire in the Poetry of Federico García Lorca
Roberta Ann Quance
ISBN: 978-1-906540-44-9

In(ter)discipline: New Languages for Criticism
Edited by Gillian Beer, Malcolm Bowie and Beate Perrey
ISBN: 978-1-905981-13-7

Inheritance in Nineteenth-Century French Culture: Wealth, Knowledge and the Family
Andrew J. Counter
ISBN: 978-1-906540-75-3

The Inn and the Traveller: Digressive Topographies in the Early Modern European Novel
Will McMorran
ISBN: 1-900755-64-5

Intellectual Life and Literature at Solovki 1923-1930: The Paris of the Northern Concentration Camps
Andrea Gullotta  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-45-2

Ismail Kadare: The Writer and the Dictatorship 1957-1990
Peter Morgan
ISBN: 978-1-906540-51-7

Italy in Crisis: 1494
Edited by Jane Everson and Diego Zancani
ISBN: 1-900755-13-0

Jacques Derrida and the Institution of French Philosophy
Vivienne Orchard
ISBN: 978-1-905981-87-8

John Ruskin’s Continental Tour 1835: The Written Records and Drawings
Edited by Keith Hanley and Caroline S. Hull  
ISBN: 978-1-906540-85-2

John Ruskin’s Correspondence with Joan Severn: Sense and Nonsense Letters
Edited by Rachel Dickinson
ISBN: 978-1-905981-90-8

Jorge Semprún: Writing the European Other
Ursula Tidd
ISBN: 978-1-907747-00-7

Journeys of Remembrance: Memories of the Second World War in French and German Literature, 1960-1980
Kathryn N. Jones
ISBN: 978-1-904350-66-8

Language and Social Structure in Urban France
Edited by Mari C. Jones and David Hornsby
ISBN: 978-1-907975-41-7

Language, the Novelist and National Identity in Post-Franco Catalonia
Kathryn Crameri
ISBN: 1-900755-37-8

Laughter and Narrative in the Later Middle Ages: German Comic Tales c. 1350-1525
Sebastian Coxon
ISBN: 978-1-905981-83-0

The Libertine’s Nemesis: The Prude in Clarissa and the roman libertin
James Fowler
ISBN: 978-1-907625-01-5

Liberty, Equality, Maternity
Alison Fell
ISBN: 1-900755-73-4

Literary Scholarship in Late Imperial Russia: Rituals of Academic Institutionalization
Andy Byford
ISBN: 978-1-904350-91-0

Louisa Waterford and John Ruskin: ‘For you have not Falsely Praised’
Caroline Ings-Chambers
ISBN: 978-1-909662-47-6

Lucidity: Essays in Honour of Alison Finch
Edited by Ian James and Emma Wilson  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-88-9

Machado de Assis’s Philosopher or Dog?: From Serial to Book Form
Ana Cláudia Suriani da Silva
ISBN: 978-1-906540-45-6

The Made and the Found
Edited by Patrick McGuinness and Emily McLaughlin  
ISBN: 978-1-910887-17-2

Making the Personal Political: Dutch Women Writers 1919-1970
Jane Fenoulhet
ISBN: 978-1-905981-37-3

Mallarmé’s Sunset: Poetry at the End of Time
Barnaby Norman
ISBN: 978-1-909662-29-2

Medea in Performance 1500-2000
Edited by Edith Hall, Fiona Macintosh and Oliver Taplin
ISBN: 1-900755-35-1

Mediterranean Travels: Writing Self and Other from the Ancient World to Contemporary Society
Edited by Patrick Crowley, Noreen Humble and Silvia Ross
ISBN: 978-1-907975-07-3

Men of their Words: The Poetics of Masculinity in George Sand’s Fiction
Nigel Harkness
ISBN: 978-1-904350-87-3

Metaphor in Dante
David Gibbons
ISBN: 1-900755-63-7

Method and Variation: Narrative in Early Modern French Thought
Edited by Emma Gilby and Paul White
ISBN: 978-1-907975-36-3

Michel Foucault: Form and Power
Dan Beer
ISBN: 1-900755-57-2

Modernist Song: The Poetry of Tristan Tzara
Stephen Forcer
ISBN: 1-904713-14-9

Montaigne in Transit: Essays in Honour of Ian Maclean
Edited by Neil Kenny, Richard Scholar and Wes Williams  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-96-4

Narrative Responses to the Trauma of the French Revolution
Katherine Astbury
ISBN: 978-1-907975-42-4

Naturalism Redressed: Identity and Clothing in the Novels of Emile Zola
Hannah Thompson
ISBN: 1-900755-82-3

The Near and Distant God: Poetry, Idealism and Religious Thought from Hölderlin to Eliot
Ian Cooper
ISBN: 978-1-906540-00-5

Negotiating Sainthood: Distinction, Cursilería and Saintliness in Spanish Novels
Kathy Bacon
ISBN: 978-1-904350-92-7

The Object and the Cause in the Vulgate Cycle
Miranda Griffin
ISBN: 1-900755-67-X

Octavio Paz and T. S. Eliot: Modern Poetry and the Translation of Influence
Tom Boll
ISBN: 978-1-906540-43-2

Paul Celan’s Encounters with Surrealism: Trauma, Translation and Shared Poetic Space
Charlotte Ryland
ISBN: 978-1-906540-77-7

Paul Valéry and the Voice of Desire
Kirsteen Anderson
ISBN: 1-900755-40-8

Performing Medieval Text
Edited by Ardis Butterfield, Henry Hope and Pauline Souleau  
ISBN: 978-1-910887-13-4

Pessoa in an Intertextual Web: Influence and Innovation
Edited by David G. Frier
ISBN: 978-1-907747-93-9

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe: (Un)timely Meditations
John McKeane
ISBN: 978-1-909662-42-1

Photobiography: Photographic Self-Writing in Proust, Guibert, Ernaux, Macé
Akane Kawakami
ISBN: 978-1-907975-86-8

Phrase and Subject: Studies in Literature and Music
Edited by Delia da Sousa Correa
ISBN: 1-904713-07-6

The Picture as Spectre in Diderot, Proust, and Deleuze
Thomas Baldwin
ISBN: 978-1-907625-03-9

Pierre Klossowski: The Persistence of a Name
Ian James
ISBN: 1-900755-34-3

Pinter and the Object of Desire: An Approach through the Screenplays
Linda Renton
ISBN: 1-900755-53-X

Poetry and the Leningrad Religious-Philosophical Seminar 1974-1980: Music for a Deaf Age
Josephine von Zitzewitz  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-92-6

Poetry and the Realm of the Public Intellectual: The Alternative Destinies of Gabriela Mistral, Cecília Meireles, and Rosario Castellanos
Karen Peña
ISBN: 978-1-905981-33-5

The Poetry of Ernest Jones: Myth, Song, and the ‘Mighty Mind’
Simon Rennie  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-90-2

Politics and the Individual in France 1930-1950
Edited by Jessica Wardhaugh
ISBN: 978-1-909662-24-7

Portuguese Modernisms: Multiple Perspectives on Literature and the Visual Arts
Edited by Steffen Dix and Jerónimo Pizarro
ISBN: 978-1-906540-79-1

Post-War Jewish Women’s Writing in French
Lucille Cairns
ISBN: 978-1-906540-40-1

Postcolonial Fiction and Sacred Scripture: Rewriting the Divine?
Sura Qadiri
ISBN: 978-1-907975-81-3

The Power of Disturbance: Elsa Morante’s Aracoeli
Edited by Sara Fortuna and Manuele Gragnolati
ISBN: 978-1-906540-50-0

Pre-Histories and Afterlives: Studies in Critical Method
Edited by Anna Holland and Richard Scholar
ISBN: 978-1-905981-93-9

The Present Word: Culture, Society and the Site of Literature — Essays in Honour of Nicholas Boyle
Edited by John Walker
ISBN: 978-1-907975-61-5

Processes of Literary Creation: Flaubert and Proust
Marion Schmid
ISBN: 1-900755-06-8

Proust and Joyce in Dialogue
Sarah Tribout-Joseph
ISBN: 978-1-905981-94-6

Proust Writing Photography: Fixing the Fugitive in À la recherche du temps perdu
Áine Larkin
ISBN: 978-1-907747-95-3

Proust, the One, and the Many: Identity and Difference in A la recherche du temps perdu
Erika Fülöp
ISBN: 978-1-907975-32-5

Questions of the Liminal in the Fiction of Julio Cortázar
Dominic Moran
ISBN: 1-900755-20-3

Re-Contextualising East Central European History: Nation, Culture and Minority Groups
Edited by Robert Pyrah and Marius Turda
ISBN: 978-1-906540-87-6

Reading Games in the Greek Novel
Eleni Papargyriou
ISBN: 978-1-906540-83-8

Reading Literature in Portuguese: Commentaries in Honour of Tom Earle
Cláudia Pazos Alonso and Stephen Parkinson
ISBN: 978-1-907975-62-2

Regarding Lost Time: Photography, Identity, and Affect in Proust, Benjamin, and Barthes
Katja Haustein
ISBN: 978-1-907747-91-5

Regressive Fictions: Graffigny, Rousseau, Bernardin
Robin Howells
ISBN: 978-1-904350-86-6

Reinventing Community: Identity and Difference in Late Twentieth-Century Philosophy and Literature in French
Jane Hiddleston
ISBN: 1-904713-02-5

The Reinvention of Theatre in Sixteenth-Century Europe: Traditions, Texts and Performance
Edited by T. F. Earle and Catarina Fouto
ISBN: 978-1-907975-76-9

Renaissance Keywords
Edited by Ita Mac Carthy
ISBN: 978-1-907975-29-5

Retrospectives: Essays in Literature, Poetics and Cultural History by Terence Cave
Terence Cave, edited by Neil Kenny and Wes Williams
ISBN: 978-1-905981-95-3

Rewriting Les Mystères de Paris: The Mystères Urbains and the Palimpsest
Amy Wigelsworth  
ISBN: 978-1-909662-36-0

Richardson and the Philosophes
James Fowler
ISBN: 978-1-909662-11-7

Rilke’s Poetics of Becoming
Ben Hutchinson
ISBN: 1-904350-53-4

Roger Laporte: The Orphic Text
Ian Maclachlan
ISBN: 1-900755-38-6

Saturn’s Moons: W. G. Sebald — A Handbook
Edited by Jo Catling and Richard Hibbitt
ISBN: 978-1-906540-02-9

Science and Literature in Italian Culture: From Dante to Calvino
Edited by Pierpaolo Antonello and Simon A. Gilson
ISBN: 1-900755-84-X

Seamus Heaney and East European Poetry in Translation: Poetics of Exile
Carmen Bugan
ISBN: 978-1-907975-64-6

Secrets and Puzzles: Silence and the Unsaid in Contemporary Italian Writing
Nicoletta Simborowski
ISBN: 1-900755-74-2

Selected Essays of Malcolm Bowie I: Dreams of Knowledge
Malcolm Bowie
ISBN: 978-1-907975-48-6

Selected Essays of Malcolm Bowie II: Song Man
Malcolm Bowie
ISBN: 978-1-907975-49-3

Sensibility, Reading and Illustration: Spectacles and Signs in Graffigny, Marivaux and Rousseau
Ann Lewis
ISBN: 978-1-905981-96-0

The Sentinel: An Incomplete Early Novel by Rebecca West
Edited by Kathryn Laing
ISBN: 1-900755-51-3

Sex in Imagined Spaces: Gender and Utopia from More to Bloch
Caitríona Ní Dhúill
ISBN: 978-1-906540-41-8

Shandean Humour in English and German Literature and Philosophy
Edited by Klaus Vieweg, James Vigus and Kathleen M. Wheeler
ISBN: 978-1-907975-31-8

Spanish Romanticism and the Uses of History: Ideology and the Historical Imagination
Derek Flitter
ISBN: 1-900755-97-1

The Spirit of England: Selected Essays of Stephen Medcalf
Stephen Medcalf, edited by Brian Cummings and Gabriel Josipovici
ISBN: 978-1-906540-37-1

Strands of Utopia: Spaces of Poetic Work in Twentieth-Century France
Michael G. Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-905981-14-4

The Strange M. Proust
Edited by André Benhaïm
ISBN: 978-1-905981-97-7

Sublime Worlds: Early Modern French Literature
Emma Gilby
ISBN: 1-904350-65-8

Symbol and Intuition: Comparative Studies in Kantian and Romantic-Period Aesthetics
Edited by Helmut Hühn and James Vigus
ISBN: 978-1-907625-04-6

Taboo: Corporeal Secrets in Nineteenth-Century France
Hannah Thompson
ISBN: 978-1-907975-55-4

A Taste for the Negative: Beckett and Nihilism
Shane Weller
ISBN: 1-904713-08-4

Teresa of Avila’s Autobiography: Authority, Power and the Self in Mid-Sixteenth-Century Spain
Elena Carrera
ISBN: 1-900755-96-3

Textual Wanderings: The Theory and Practice of Narrative Digression
Edited by Rhian Atkin
ISBN: 978-1-907747-90-8

Thinking with Shakespeare: Comparative and Interdisciplinary Essays
Edited by William Poole and Richard Scholar
ISBN: 978-1-904350-84-2

Théodore de Banville: Constructing Poetic Value in Nineteenth-Century France
David Evans
ISBN: 978-1-909662-34-6

Théophile Gautier, Orator to the Artists: Art Journalism of the Second Republic
James Kearns
ISBN: 978-1-904350-88-0

Towards a New Material Aesthetics: Bakhtin, Genre and the Fates of Literary Theory
Alastair Renfrew
ISBN: 1-900755-94-7

Traces of Trauma in W. G. Sebald and Christoph Ransmayr
Dora Osborne
ISBN: 978-1-907975-40-0

Transformative Change in Western Thought: A History of Metamorphosis from Homer to Hollywood
Edited by Ingo Gildenhard and Andrew Zissos
ISBN: 978-1-907975-01-1

Translating the Perception of Text: Literary Translation and Phenomenology
Clive Scott
ISBN: 978-1-907975-35-6

The Truth of Realism: A Reassessment of the German Novel 1830-1900
John Walker
ISBN: 978-1-906540-90-6

Unbinding Medea: Interdisciplinary Approaches to a Classical Myth from Antiquity to the 21st Century
Edited by Heike Bartel and Anne Simon
ISBN: 978-1-906540-53-1

Uncharted Depths: Descent Narratives in English and French Children’s Literature
Kiera Vaclavik
ISBN: 978-1-906540-39-5

Victor Hugo, Jean-Paul Sartre, and the Liability of Liberty
Bradley Stephens
ISBN: 978-1-907747-01-4

Victor Hugo, romancier de l’abîme: New Studies on Hugo’s Novels
Edited by J. A. Hiddleston
ISBN: 1-900755-58-0

Wilhelm Raabe: Global Themes — International Perspectives
Edited by Dirk Göttsche and Florian Krobb
ISBN: 978-1-906540-01-2

Women in Italian Renaissance Culture and Society
Edited by Letizia Panizza
ISBN: 1-900755-09-2

Women in Russian Literature after Glasnost: Female Alternatives
Carol Adlam
ISBN: 1-900755-92-0

Women, Genre and Circumstance: Essays in Memory of Elizabeth Fallaize
Edited by Margaret Atack, Diana Holmes, Diana Knight and Judith Still
ISBN: 978-1-907975-30-1

Writing the Landscape: Women and Nature in the Works of French Female Novelists 1789-1815
Christie Margrave  
ISBN: 978-1-910887-19-6

Zola, The Body Modern: Pressures and Prospects of Representation
Susan Harrow
ISBN: 978-1-906540-76-0

Yvan Goll: The Thwarted Pursuit of the Whole
Robert Vilain  
Germanic Literatures 1
ISBN: 978-1-907975-56-1

Sebald’s Bachelors: Queer Resistance and the Unconforming Life
Helen Finch
Germanic Literatures 2
ISBN: 978-1-907975-90-5

Goethe’s Visual World
Pamela Currie
Germanic Literatures 3
ISBN: 978-1-907975-89-9

German Narratives of Belonging: Writing Generation and Place in the Twenty-First Century
Linda Shortt
Germanic Literatures 4
ISBN: 978-1-907975-88-2

The Very Late Goethe: Self-Consciousness and the Art of Ageing
Charlotte Lee
Germanic Literatures 5
ISBN: 978-1-909662-12-4

Women, Emancipation and the German Novel 1871-1910: Protest Fiction in its Cultural Context
Charlotte Woodford
Germanic Literatures 6
ISBN: 978-1-909662-26-1

Goethe’s Poetry and the Philosophy of Nature: Gott und Welt 1798-1827
Regina Sachers
Germanic Literatures 7
ISBN: 978-1-907747-97-7

Fontane and Cultural Mediation: Translation and Reception in Nineteenth-Century German Literature
Edited by Ritchie Robertson and Michael White  
Germanic Literatures 8
ISBN: 978-1-909662-54-4

Metamorphosis in Modern German Literature: Transforming Bodies, Identities and Affects
Tara Beaney  
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